Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Lunch group is all about uniting Photographers , we also have Videographers , who compliment each other, since starting The Lunch as its known now over 12 months ago it has grown to be very popular, I guess I put that down to the momentum that gets created with the different dynamics in the group, we all share idea's and discuss the Business, lots of lives have been changed for the better, with much better support and encouragment to those of us who are'nt a part of any organisation , there is no requirement to be part of the group , only that you are a professional Photographer who wants to improve the industry and unite with other photographers . There is more than enough work for everybody, we need to get away from the old way of thinking, instead of worrying about our competitors , Unite together , we really have friends in the business, because if you don't have friends in business , your not sucessful .

Since the group started our driving force behind it is , leave your ego out the door come in and share your knowledge , We want to bring photographers up to charging what they are worth, not undercutting each other , educating the photographer is really where it all starts, and then the client, I stand behind this because of my own life experiences , We have people in our group like Peter Williams who is a master with photography and Photoshop , gives all his time to members of the group who need help, also alot of other prominant people who believe in what we are doing, attend our lunch every month and freely offer advice, I too offer my help to anyone who puts their hand up and asks,

Every now and again we have a special guest who wants to attend the lunch, recently we have been so blessed to have my idol attend YERVANT, and his wife Anie, it was amazing, I'll never forget it. And just at our last lunch, David Oliver, Tero Sade, Andrew Kopp , Richard Muldoon.
wow, yes so its great to be a part of something which I think is a stepping stone between photographers and the AIPP, you don't have to be a member of any organisation to be invited to the lunch, at this moment our group has 79 members and counting, alot of photographers have been contacting me wanting to come to the lunch, which is free to attend, however if we do manage a special guest , a gold coin is greatly appreciated, just to cover there lunch .

I am really interested to hear what you think of this lunch, as has it changed your life in any way, I will put up the posts as soon as I get them in,
Thanks guys
Paula Gray

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