Monday, June 21, 2010

Yervant Seminars for Brisbane

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love and respect Anie and Yervant. They both have changed my career path and outlook on my business for ever. I get alot of inspiration and knowledge from them both, as well as my other favorite Jerry Ghionis. Just wanted to mention a few workshops coming up.

Brisbane ( Gold coast Australia) July 5-6-7 2010

Brisbane ( Valley ) One day seminar with David Beckstead and Yervant 21st July 2010

Yervant is eminent amongst the most influential photographers of the last 30 years. He has broken every rule in traditional photography, in particular wedding photography to welcome and encourage fresh concepts and excitement in a predominantly boring and dull practice.

Sensual, fashionista and fine art all concocted in a crazy pot of tradition and the far future… make Yervant one of the most profound artists of today.

These are brand new 3 days’ programmes which we put together to get straight to the core! Show Yervant’s camera techniques, his light, his compositions, his ’Posed…but naturally!’ methods and also how he shoots for ALBUM pages at any given time of the day. Then definitely finishing, this is a must for any professional, that is what sets us apart from the “Shoot & Burn” and amateurs! Professional finishing!!
I know there must be a whole bunch of news and events we've missed out on, so please fill us in! We're passionate about making the South East Queensland Photography Industry the greatest in the world? Well put your hand up and give me a hand... As always Feedback wanted!
We now have DJ Payne from Studio Promise heading the Gold Coast lunch
Marion Jonkers from Sunshine Coast heading that lunch,
Sydney is about to happen in July, and of course me ( Paula Gray) Brisbane Lunch. 3 years strong now .
The PPAQ is bring David Harradine up to QLD for a Mastering Lightroom workshop. Monday 12th July at Queens Arms Hotel Teneriffe.
Master Lightroom is a full day of high powered Lightroom training covering the essential information required to wrap your head around this revolutionary application, as well as the powerful techniques required to give you full control.
David Harradine is a photographer, trainer and Adobe Photoshop beta tester, who since 2001 has trained many of Australia's and New Zealand's leading photographers, graphic designers and imaging professionals in the ways of Photoshop, digital photography and colour management. Coming from a traditional photographic background David was quick to embrace the new digital imaging technologies of the late 20th century.
Check out David at
The Brisbane Wedding Photographer's Lunch Group
The Brisbane Lunch is on the FIRST MONDAY of every month and is organized by the dynamic duo of Paula from That's Me Photography & Pete from Turning Heads Photography. The next one is on Monday July 5th at the Norman Hotel - 102 Ipswich Rd, Woolloongabba QLD - The Norman Hotel Website - get there around 11am for a speaker and then lunch. Make sure you visit the Brisbane Lunch's blog or better yet stay connected with the latest on facebook:
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