Thursday, September 4, 2008

A testomonial from New Life Photographics.

I wanted to let you know about a lunch that has been going for nearly a year and a half and it’s been so successful….
It began as a casual get together between a couple of photographer friends and has now grown to over 70 photographers on the list with a regular attendance of approx 25- 40 ppl.

The lunch is held on the first Monday of every month at ‘The Norman’ in Wooloongabba….. The lunch group is now officially called “Brisbane Wedding photographers” or BWP for short. Many photographers who attend are masters and leaders in the industry and have been a wealth of knowledge to the newer shooters…

Essentially it is a social and casual networking lunch with Topic discussion time however occasionally we have the pleasure of a guest speaker. We even had an awesome surprise a few months ago with a secret guest speaker who no one knew the identity of and guess who walked in the door… none other than YERVANT… YES!!!! The regular 30 or 40 ppl who attended that day got to spend an awesome time with one of our greatest Heros…

Pls see the special BWP Blog for photos…. You may see a few familiar faces!

This lunch has grown to what it is today with the driving force of a wonderful and inspirational woman – Paula Gray from ‘That’s Me Photography’, joined with one of the greatest photographers I’ve ever met and my personal mentor – Peter Williams from ‘Turning Heads Photography’.

I have found this lunch to be one of the most powerful tools to my business growth. Since I’ve been going to the lunch from it’s beginning, I’ve grown in confidence, learnt essential strategies and techniques both for the business and camera or photoshop usage and most of all I have met some wonderfully talented photographers who not only continue to inspire me and keep me on track with my vision and excitement, but who have become some of my closest friends. Regardless of our experience or ability everyone sees each other as an equal. We all have something to give and share and we can equally impact each others lives in a positive and exciting way!

Please try to come. I know its last minute notice for you however once you attend, you won’t want to miss one ever and it will become an automatic inclusion in your business schedule. After all, we do deserve a break once in a while and what a great way to do it!


September Lunch notes

Another great turnout , 27 in total, it was great to see everyone again, a welcome back to
Lesley and Glen returning from Holidays and Jan from eye on Photography, and a big welcome to Tina Metcalf from Fivestar Photography,
topics of discussion were whats happening in your business, Contracts , corrupted images,

Definately we'll be discussing these issues again, Alan Khan flew up from Sydney to be with us,
and shared some of his latest weddings , later on that night Turning Heads Photography ( Pete & Jenny Williams) Thats Me Photography & Video ( Leigh and Paula Gray) took Alan out to our favorite Indian Restaurant in Toowong,

Next Months Lunch is October 6th , we may have a special guest this time, I have to say that this is not a given each month, I really don't want to reflect away from the real reason why the Lunch is what is it, all about helping and uniting Photographers.

Christmas is coming up quick, so we are in the process of organising the Christmas Lunch, the lunch has been going now for 17 months amazing,
if anyone has ideas please give them to me at the next Lunch, Yohti mentioned a huge party with all the photographers in Brisbane attending, that could be great, this year has gone so fast,
anyway looking forward to catching up with everyone again, those who couldn't make it this time we hope to see you in October,