Tuesday, December 28, 2010

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You are planning your wedding and are organizing all the things you need including a photographer. Do you go with a friend with a camera or professional? While the option for a friend may be more appealing to your budget, a professional is a better choice. But what do you get when you hire a professional photographer for your wedding?
The pro wedding photographer is able to deliver photos in all conditions. Let’s face it, things happen on weddings. Late makeup broken down cars, wedding dresses malfunction, nervous people, sudden storms or wet weather are just a few. Long after these dramas are forgotten, you will enjoy the images your pro wedding photographer gave you because they had the experience to cope with dramas.

Pro wedding photographers experienced at photographing weddings use their interpersonal skills to relax people and get great images. Their images capture moments in a magic way!

The pro wedding photographer offering a complete wedding photography service will take responsibility for production of your album and when you get it, you can enjoy it immediately.

Quality pro wedding photographers typically use the finest materials from their album suppliers. These materials are not available to the public.

Pro wedding photographers have lots of equipment, back ups and infrastructure. Did you know your pro wedding photographer has backup cameras, a variety of pro grade lenses which produce better quality images, a digital asset management system to protect and archive your files, pro grade calibrated computer monitors to ensure prints look the same as the screen?
Pro wedding photographers invest in keeping up to date with industry standards and new techniques. They have typically dedicated many years to photography and happily use this experience when working with you. Pro wedding photographers are typically active members of the AIPP.

Pro wedding photographers can use their experience to offer helpful hints on wedding day etiquette and procedures.
The quality of work form a pro wedding photographer is far better than DIY amateurs. We happily accept that building regulations prevent DIY electricians doing electrical work to their homes. Licensed builders do much better work than the “Do it Yourself” working on a weekend building a deck. Top class chefs produce much better meals than an amateur cook even though they may have used the same basket of ingredients. Same goes with photography. The pro wedding photographer uses great technical skill and attention to detail when photographing a wedding, designing the wedding album printing the images. The end result is breathtaking.

There is more to photography than pressing the button. Pro wedding photographers naturally take into account so many things when taking photos including light, image composition and styling, expression, the little details and the end image in mind. The images below show the stages Thats Me Photography uses in producing a beautiful image. The initial capture was done in such a way to enable a beautiful artistic image to be produced. We hear so many horror stories from our Brides who's friends had amatuers shoot their wedding only to be devasted at the result. Don't risk it. You only get one chance .

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Guy Gowan Workshop back by popular demand

Guy's Seminar through the Brisbane Wedding photographer Lunch Group Wall? The info are in http://www.facebook.com/l/5bcdeAX5ECsM5hRHl65BdzdM-tQ;www.guygowan.com/events

Special for Brisbane Wedding Lunch group, they can get the admission at AUD170 (so they can register as AIPP members straight away) and if the member decided to do the whole 3 days course, it will be AUD 495. For further info, they can contact me at shanty@guygowan.com or 0412 322 812.

Friday, September 3, 2010

The date for the lunch has changed this month only to 13th September , We are holding the Brisbane Forum for all photographers to attend to discuss issues regarding the media, websites, magazines etc . I urge you all to attend to have your say.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July lunch details

We had a fantastic turnout yesterday with over 35 photographers attending, 6 of them being new for the first time. So many thing were discussed yesterday , topics such as referring on when a studio is already booked, fusion which is what everyone is talking about, the recent Marcus Bell seminar which I attended last wednesday.

John Reyment has just launced his new

Business Coaching Program

2010 One-on-One Coaching Program

“Essentials for Success” – A Series of Eight 2.5 Hour One-on-One Coaching Sessions

Tailored to suit the needs of you and your business, John’s “Essentials for Success” Coaching Program features a series of eight fortnightly face to face coaching sessions discussing essential topics tailored to your business. These sessions are challenging, thought provoking and inspiring. Completing post session homework ensures results will be achieved. Session topics include:

  • Developing your own self belief; unlocking the power within.
  • Planning for an extraordinary life; you deserve it!
  • Writing a practical business plan – it must be done.
  • Products and Pricing – how much should you charge?
  • Marketing your business to get and keep the best customers.
  • Analysis and discussion of your images.
  • How to photograph for fantastic sales.
  • Proven album planning techniques; you and your clients will love them.
  • Managing growth in your business before it kills you.
  • Developing systems in your business, what works, what doesn’t.
  • Managing change in you and your business.
  • Work/family, keeping the balance right.
  • Delivering uber service – thinking like a client.
  • Managing the beans! The dollars and cents give you choices.
  • Fast tracking your personal growth.
for more details contact
John Reyment
Reyment Photographics
183-185 Old Cleveland Rd
Coorparoo, Queensland 4151
ph 07 3397 6552

This year has really flown by so quickly, its great to see so many photographers understand the need to share information , because we really can all benefit from it.
I want to welcome all the new people who attended yesterday I am sure you will get alot out of the lunch's . We are in our third year now and growing bigger every month, we also talked about a mentoring system where new photographers attending are more than welcome to talk with our more experienced members if they need help etc with their own business or a photography related question.

So the Yervant seminar is in full swing down the gold coast , I for one can't wait for him to come to Brisbane in July 21st with David Beckstead , thats going to be a great one day seminar, if you haven't done so already you need to contact anie@yervant.com to reserve your ticket,

anyway everyone thanks again for all your support
Paula Gray
Thats Me Photography

Monday, June 21, 2010

Yervant Seminars for Brisbane

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love and respect Anie and Yervant. They both have changed my career path and outlook on my business for ever. I get alot of inspiration and knowledge from them both, as well as my other favorite Jerry Ghionis. Just wanted to mention a few workshops coming up.

Brisbane ( Gold coast Australia) July 5-6-7 2010

Brisbane ( Valley ) One day seminar with David Beckstead and Yervant 21st July 2010

Yervant is eminent amongst the most influential photographers of the last 30 years. He has broken every rule in traditional photography, in particular wedding photography to welcome and encourage fresh concepts and excitement in a predominantly boring and dull practice.

Sensual, fashionista and fine art all concocted in a crazy pot of tradition and the far future… make Yervant one of the most profound artists of today.

These are brand new 3 days’ programmes which we put together to get straight to the core! Show Yervant’s camera techniques, his light, his compositions, his ’Posed…but naturally!’ methods and also how he shoots for ALBUM pages at any given time of the day. Then definitely finishing, this is a must for any professional, that is what sets us apart from the “Shoot & Burn” and amateurs! Professional finishing!!
I know there must be a whole bunch of news and events we've missed out on, so please fill us in! We're passionate about making the South East Queensland Photography Industry the greatest in the world? Well put your hand up and give me a hand... As always Feedback wanted!
We now have DJ Payne from Studio Promise heading the Gold Coast lunch
Marion Jonkers from Sunshine Coast heading that lunch,
Sydney is about to happen in July, and of course me ( Paula Gray) Brisbane Lunch. 3 years strong now .
The PPAQ is bring David Harradine up to QLD for a Mastering Lightroom workshop. Monday 12th July at Queens Arms Hotel Teneriffe.
Master Lightroom is a full day of high powered Lightroom training covering the essential information required to wrap your head around this revolutionary application, as well as the powerful techniques required to give you full control.
David Harradine is a photographer, trainer and Adobe Photoshop beta tester, who since 2001 has trained many of Australia's and New Zealand's leading photographers, graphic designers and imaging professionals in the ways of Photoshop, digital photography and colour management. Coming from a traditional photographic background David was quick to embrace the new digital imaging technologies of the late 20th century.
Check out David at Whack.com.au
The Brisbane Wedding Photographer's Lunch Group
The Brisbane Lunch is on the FIRST MONDAY of every month and is organized by the dynamic duo of Paula from That's Me Photography & Pete from Turning Heads Photography. The next one is on Monday July 5th at the Norman Hotel - 102 Ipswich Rd, Woolloongabba QLD - The Norman Hotel Website - get there around 11am for a speaker and then lunch. Make sure you visit the Brisbane Lunch's blog or better yet stay connected with the latest on facebook: facebook.com/brisphoto
Hey Fellow Shooters!

It's your old pal DJ Paine here on the Gold Coast with the second issue of the email newsletter; the crazy fun continues!
A big thanks to everyone for all the great feedback and thoughts about this Queensland Photographer newsletter idea! We have almost 200 subscribers to date {which is amazing} and we are only just getting started...
if you have a mailing list of photographers who you think would get anything out of this newsletter PLEASE encourage them to sign up! just send them to this simple short link:

So going forward i'll be doing my best to get this newsletter out twice a month - on the 5th and 20th of each month, give or take a day. No matter what the day is something will be hitting your inbox!
This brings me to the most important request:
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me any of the following:
  • News - something great happen to you or your business that you'd like to share? Anything "news worthy"? Interesting? Just email me exactly what you like to share and i'll copy and paste it in to the next newsletter - accompanying photos are much appreciated!
  • Pictures - don't be shy! you're a photographer right? send me pictures or even point me to them online, off your blog, flickr, anything! Won a silver? a gold? a ribbon? a meat tray at the local RSL for your photography? Please send me the photo!
  • Header Pictures - last month the wonderful Sue Black sent me that gorgeous picture i used as the leading "header" image of the newsletter and this month i pulled out one of my own from a portrait shoot. i would love to include YOUR photo there! Just send me something that is horizontal and eye catching and a minimum of 850 pixels long {wide}. The more "cinematic" the better.
  • Events - got something on? part of a group that is doing a workshop, class, meet up? Please put us on your mailing list and send us your press releases.
  • Positions Available - business booming? need a new shooter? assistant? bag dragger? Send me the details of who you are after and we'll let the network know.
  • Anything! - anything you think is important for other Queensland photographers to know about, please share! Write something! An opinion piece, your view on something to do with the photography industry! Do a report on an event you attended, review a workshop or an educational DVD you watched. Even if the event happened a week or two ago, we would all love to hear your take on it. So put the journo hat on and scribble down a couple of paragraphs....
Anything you want to include, just email me on dj@djpaine.com and either in the subject or in the opening text of the message include something along the lines of "please include this in the next newsletter" - The next newsletter will be hitting your inbox on the 5th July so get it to me before then and it will be included.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Brisbane Wedding Photographers Lunch group

Our lunch will now be held at the Norman Hotel , Ipswich Road Woolloongabba, after the vote it was overwhelming on how many people prefer the Norman compared to the Queens Arms.

Free parking , better menus, new rooms too , as per normal when you arrive just head upstairs, we start at 11am see you there, we're not sure about a surprise guest it, but there will be lots to talk about especially after the awards and the up and coming National Awards in Melbourne. Please rsvp if you haven't done so already.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I came across this site on facebook. I just wanted to share this with you all. This is why I have the lunch group.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Our first lunch for 2010

It was an amazing day at the lunch, our return for 2010, Yohti was our guest speaker, her story was so inspiring to us all.

Here are a few comments from some of our new photographer members from yesterday.

Hi Pete and Paula,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for organising today. I have been going through some terrible ups and downs during the past 6 months with my photography and after Yohti's talk today I feel very positive and motivated. It was like she was talking about me! I know I've still got a lot to learn but I know that the ups and downs I experience are normal when you're passionate about something, and I've just got to keep going and keep improving. I'll get there in the end!

I'm getting to know people at the group more now, and I'm feeling more confident about asking for help when I need it. I've also started to meet photographers in my local area and we're going to meet up soon to learn more about lighting from each other.

For me, today's talk was better than anything else I've attended. Maybe one day I will be able to give a talk like that.

Thank you again,
Meg x

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2010 Return of the new year

The lunch group returns February 1st at the Queens Arms hotel , James street New Farm. We look forward to welcoming back our regulars as well as our new members , this is our 3rd year now and we hope to grow more,

If you are a photographer in business, or a student photographer you are more than welcome to attend the lunch. From time to time we may be lucky enough to secure a secret guest, we ask for $5 donation for those events , it really just covers the cost of the room and the meal for the guest. The Lunch is not a profit organisation of any kind.

We offer friendship, business help, to anyone who wants to attend. Networking is the most powerful thing and its something I am very passionate about.

Looking forward to catching up with everyone.
Paula Gray