Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Testomonial from a member of our Lunch group

Hi Paula
I’ve just had 4 wedding interviews last week and booked all four of them. I’m so happy. I’ve been getting 100% hit rate for my interviews this year. It’s awesome. (two from bridal shows and one from online search and one from Weddings weddings weddings magazine)….

I did two bridal shows within 4 weeks and had a few enquiries from each straight away before I’d even done my mail out and got the bookings for those straight away as well. I’m stoked.!

I also had a dear old friend of mine who I haven’t seen for 14 yrs who found me again on facebook, come and stay with me on Friday night. She lives in Coffs harbour and wants to be a photographer. She has done a few weddings and other shoots and is doing quite well for the little experience she has. Anyway I spent many hours teaching her things on photoshop and also giving her business advice some of which I’ve learnt myself over the years and some of which I’ve learnt from you and Peter. I felt so thrilled to be able to “Pay it forward”…. It felt wonderful to have someone admire me and look up to me and to be able to pass on such valuable information the same as has already been done to me by you guys. It’s a rewarding feeling. I’ve come so far and I can see where she is now, is where I use to be 5 yrs ago and I can see how much I’ve grown and I hope I can help her get to where I am now in a much quicker time than it took me. And now I look to others more experienced than me and look into the future of where I will be too, a few yrs from now and it’s soooo exciting!

I love you Paula for all you’ve helped me with. You’ve helped me to believe in myself and that’s one of the most important things of all!!!!
Love YO xxx

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