Tuesday, December 28, 2010

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You are planning your wedding and are organizing all the things you need including a photographer. Do you go with a friend with a camera or professional? While the option for a friend may be more appealing to your budget, a professional is a better choice. But what do you get when you hire a professional photographer for your wedding?
The pro wedding photographer is able to deliver photos in all conditions. Let’s face it, things happen on weddings. Late makeup broken down cars, wedding dresses malfunction, nervous people, sudden storms or wet weather are just a few. Long after these dramas are forgotten, you will enjoy the images your pro wedding photographer gave you because they had the experience to cope with dramas.

Pro wedding photographers experienced at photographing weddings use their interpersonal skills to relax people and get great images. Their images capture moments in a magic way!

The pro wedding photographer offering a complete wedding photography service will take responsibility for production of your album and when you get it, you can enjoy it immediately.

Quality pro wedding photographers typically use the finest materials from their album suppliers. These materials are not available to the public.

Pro wedding photographers have lots of equipment, back ups and infrastructure. Did you know your pro wedding photographer has backup cameras, a variety of pro grade lenses which produce better quality images, a digital asset management system to protect and archive your files, pro grade calibrated computer monitors to ensure prints look the same as the screen?
Pro wedding photographers invest in keeping up to date with industry standards and new techniques. They have typically dedicated many years to photography and happily use this experience when working with you. Pro wedding photographers are typically active members of the AIPP.

Pro wedding photographers can use their experience to offer helpful hints on wedding day etiquette and procedures.
The quality of work form a pro wedding photographer is far better than DIY amateurs. We happily accept that building regulations prevent DIY electricians doing electrical work to their homes. Licensed builders do much better work than the “Do it Yourself” working on a weekend building a deck. Top class chefs produce much better meals than an amateur cook even though they may have used the same basket of ingredients. Same goes with photography. The pro wedding photographer uses great technical skill and attention to detail when photographing a wedding, designing the wedding album printing the images. The end result is breathtaking.

There is more to photography than pressing the button. Pro wedding photographers naturally take into account so many things when taking photos including light, image composition and styling, expression, the little details and the end image in mind. The images below show the stages Thats Me Photography uses in producing a beautiful image. The initial capture was done in such a way to enable a beautiful artistic image to be produced. We hear so many horror stories from our Brides who's friends had amatuers shoot their wedding only to be devasted at the result. Don't risk it. You only get one chance .

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