Monday, June 21, 2010

The Brisbane Wedding Photographer's Lunch Group
The Brisbane Lunch is on the FIRST MONDAY of every month and is organized by the dynamic duo of Paula from That's Me Photography & Pete from Turning Heads Photography. The next one is on Monday July 5th at the Norman Hotel - 102 Ipswich Rd, Woolloongabba QLD - The Norman Hotel Website - get there around 11am for a speaker and then lunch. Make sure you visit the Brisbane Lunch's blog or better yet stay connected with the latest on facebook:
Hey Fellow Shooters!

It's your old pal DJ Paine here on the Gold Coast with the second issue of the email newsletter; the crazy fun continues!
A big thanks to everyone for all the great feedback and thoughts about this Queensland Photographer newsletter idea! We have almost 200 subscribers to date {which is amazing} and we are only just getting started...
if you have a mailing list of photographers who you think would get anything out of this newsletter PLEASE encourage them to sign up! just send them to this simple short link:

So going forward i'll be doing my best to get this newsletter out twice a month - on the 5th and 20th of each month, give or take a day. No matter what the day is something will be hitting your inbox!
This brings me to the most important request:
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me any of the following:
  • News - something great happen to you or your business that you'd like to share? Anything "news worthy"? Interesting? Just email me exactly what you like to share and i'll copy and paste it in to the next newsletter - accompanying photos are much appreciated!
  • Pictures - don't be shy! you're a photographer right? send me pictures or even point me to them online, off your blog, flickr, anything! Won a silver? a gold? a ribbon? a meat tray at the local RSL for your photography? Please send me the photo!
  • Header Pictures - last month the wonderful Sue Black sent me that gorgeous picture i used as the leading "header" image of the newsletter and this month i pulled out one of my own from a portrait shoot. i would love to include YOUR photo there! Just send me something that is horizontal and eye catching and a minimum of 850 pixels long {wide}. The more "cinematic" the better.
  • Events - got something on? part of a group that is doing a workshop, class, meet up? Please put us on your mailing list and send us your press releases.
  • Positions Available - business booming? need a new shooter? assistant? bag dragger? Send me the details of who you are after and we'll let the network know.
  • Anything! - anything you think is important for other Queensland photographers to know about, please share! Write something! An opinion piece, your view on something to do with the photography industry! Do a report on an event you attended, review a workshop or an educational DVD you watched. Even if the event happened a week or two ago, we would all love to hear your take on it. So put the journo hat on and scribble down a couple of paragraphs....
Anything you want to include, just email me on and either in the subject or in the opening text of the message include something along the lines of "please include this in the next newsletter" - The next newsletter will be hitting your inbox on the 5th July so get it to me before then and it will be included.

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