Monday, August 3, 2009

Chris Hall

Today our special guest was Chris Hall , he offered his time away from his own studio,
to discuss with us this amazing software called Studio Web Online, at the moment they are offering 2 months free trial, which I am sure everybody who attended today will take up the offer. Click on the link above to find out more , on how this tool can possibly double your turnover. We had over 54 Photographers attend today , which was a lunch group record, thanks for everyone attending, Its also possible that our group will now have our meetings at the Queens Arm Hotel in James Street New farm, because the venue is much better suited for our ever growing members. A big welcome to all the new photographers coming today.

Those of you who aren't on Facebook please join and add me Paula Gray to your list, alot of information is shared between photographers on their, its a great tool to find out whats going on with the lunch, and events from time to time. Just another way to stay in the loop.
Anyway another successful lunch, our next one will be September 7th would love to see you all again, stay tuned for the location , I am pretty sure it will be The Queens Arm Hotel again.
Also we are starting to organise the Christmas Party for the BWP. If you have any idea's please email me .

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