Thursday, November 6, 2008

Christmas Party final date decided

HI Everyone I have decided to have the final christmas meet at our House,
For the lunch group, Sunday 7th December 2008 starting at 7pm , We're having a huge barbecue and Cocktails night, dress casual, the cost will be $15.00 per person , plus you must bring a cocktail mix of somekind, please let me know which one as we don't want to end up with 40 bottles of Vodka, This is going to be a huge night and Leigh and I want to welcome you all into our Studio, and Home, as well we have a huge christmas Light display , those of you who know us , will remember our last display, and if you don't , you can go to this youtube link to see how mad we are,

We need RSVPs now , so we know how much food to buy, we want to pack the house , so bring your partners ( as we don't have the facilities for children ) also the amount of alcohol here, it will be a good idea to the kids babysat.

There will be music , dancing , lots of cocktails and photo's and great friends , we need to finish the year off with a bang, I mean it totally, all of our members please come,

Leigh is a chef, your $15 each will go towards a huge buffet and some drink mixes, which you all can pay at the door, we accept eftpos ( lol) and credit card on the night ( with a 1% surcharge) ahahahahh ,

Lets make this a night to remember guys , I can't wait its going to be awesome.

Paula Gray
Thats Me

I need rsvps immediately

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Kris Singleton said...

I would totally love to, but I'm leaving the country very early the next morning! I'll try to pop in and say hi before it starts :)