Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our next lunch is November 3

Hello everyone, thought I'd blog about the up and coming lunch, by now I am sure you've heard we'll be having Greg Dries as our special guest, those of you who went to the August exposure will know him quite well, his inspirational talk touched alot of photographers, and we at the BWP are very honored to have him attend and spend some time with us,

Also just a quick mention our Christmas party will now be on December 8th , with other committments on the orginal date we have made it now that day instead ( 2nd Monday in the month) what an amazing year its been with our group which is growing to a membership of over 94 photographers , videographers etc, we've had some amazing guests this year attend, Yervant, David Oliver, Tero Sade , Andrew Kopp, Rob Cobcroft , Monte Homebush from Google, Website developers, and so on, I want to personally thank all of our guests for giving up their time and sharing all their wonderful stories and information to us,

At this stage I am in the process of organising a international Photographer to attend our lunch, if not at Christmas , it will definately be next year, so stay tuned for that you won't want to miss out.

cheers Paula Gray
Thats Me Photography

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